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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hot Twinks Have a Lusty Threesome in Bed

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It's a sexy slumber party with three twinks and they bring out an empty bottle to try that wonderful hookup game that has gotten so many dude so much play over the years. This game of spin the bottle turns out to involve sucking pecker and soon enough Aidan Chase, Dayn Murphy and Preston Andrews are involved in a sensual suck chain. The cocks are big in this one and the torrid dick pleasuring goes on for a good long time before the ass pounding kicks in. Preston and Dayn both get to hump the butthole of Aidan.

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Twinks Have Locker Room Love

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After gym classmates taunt Preston Andrews he sulks in the locker room with sympathetic friend Kayden Daniels. Kayden really wants to cheer his friend up and if sucking on his cock is the only way to do it then so be it! They blow each other fiercely before Preston uses his wet rod to fuck Kayden right there in the locker room.

December 7, 2010 prestonandrews Videos 0

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