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Gay Pornstar Preston Andrews

Monthly Archives: February 2010

Who Has the Biggest Cock?

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Justin Giles and Preston Andrews are chilling at Preston's house. His parents just left minutes ago and you can tell they are both into each other. One of the twink suggests that whoever has the bigger pecker gets to fuck the other. Justin is totally underestimating Preston's size. The blond twink has a 2 inches advantage on his soon to be bottoming friend. They quickly engage one another in some truly intense fucking!

February 23, 2010 prestonandrews Random Stuff 0

Learning about gay experiences

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JT Wreck, a young appealing twink wonders about what it is to be with a guy. In this classroom , Preston Andrews will show him how deeply erotic it can be to kiss another man. Soon they will both unleash their lust resulting in pleasure and torrid sensations. JT will most definitely come back for more after this lusty session with Preston.

February 10, 2010 prestonandrews Videos 0

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